A Car Buying Guide for Indian Customers for 2017

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India, being one of the developing economies, has also developed demographics where people think of luxury at mid professional period. And the approach gets justified when the Indian roads are seen packed with two wheelers; it shows that Indians are moving level up in terms of finances. But the car choosing habits have been quite unpredictable here. This article has been written to educate readers about choosing car variants – petrol or diesel.

Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore are some of the metropolitans, which have shown tremendous growth in cars on street and are the major car populated cities in the country. Petrol cars in Mumbai hold one of the largest chunks in this segment.

Since ages, diesel is considered to be the most economical variant, but with raging technology petrol engines are no more behind and also prove to be fuel efficient and emission reduced.

Factors that actually distinguish between diesel and petrol are economy, running cost, and the type of journey that you are going to prefer.

With a similar capacity and style, diesel engine would be quite more efficient in terms of fuel economy. However, the cost of petrol car would be quite less and economic to own over a period of first three years of ownership, but it depends on your consideration as well when you take into account parameters like the amount of distance you will cover and the price of petrol and diesel at the pump.

Moreover, the fact is that the assured mileage and performance figures are laboratory certified, but the real world case is always different when you integrate the cost of running and handling parameters with the driving scenarios. Factors like insurance, servicing and depreciation costs also differ from variant to variant and that too between petrol and diesel.

Arguably, diesel variants would be cheaper when it comes to insurance and tax and it would be more profitable in the long run, so when resale is on mind then going ahead with diesel will be a better decision.

In a nutshell, a car bought for small family where you can only expect shorter journeys, petrol car will be a wise choice. Diesel cars are equipped with Diesel particulate Filter (DPF), which trap the particulates in the exhaust system that possibly can be eradicated when burnt and it is only possible when the car runs for longer distances. If you are buying diesel car and not driving much, then you may face DPF blockage that would cost you expensive.

Now that you have an understanding, it’s your call. Just analyze your needs and budget and go ahead with a wise decision.

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