All that you need to know about Clenbuterol

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Today, it can be said that Clenbuterol is listed as one of the best sellers as far as weight loss supplements are concerned. It is different from other weight loss products and that is why, bodybuilders prefer using Clen as it is called. The reason is that while any other weight loss supplements will lose not just fat but also muscles, Clenbuterol only burns fat and does not reduce muscles.

The uses of Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol has been used to treat asthmatic conditions in people as it is a good bronchodilator. But it was observed that people who used it for asthma started losing weight and then it was gradually used by many to help in their weight loss.  But at the same time, for Clen to work, a nutritious diet low in calories as well as regular exercises is important. Before you use it, you should know how it works and its various benefits and also the side effects it can cause.

Clen works by stimulating the nervous system which in turn speeds up the metabolic process in the body which is essential for effective and fast burning of fats. It is also an appetite suppressant. In some countries, it may be a prescription medicine but in some countries, its use has been regulated. In the US, it is available only for research and that too for veterinary purposes. Though the FDA has not approved the use of Clenbuterol, you need not worry about it as long as you use it responsibly. Talk to your doctor to know about the good starting dose of clen.

Points to note about Clenbuterol usage

Dosage: The right dose of Clenbuterol is important not just to avoid any side effects but also to ensure that it works. The lowest dosage is 20 mcg while the maximum one can take is 120 mcg. Beyond it, Clen can be very harmful. So, if you are beginner, start from the lowest dose and then gradually increase it. Men can go up to 120 but women this high dose is not recommended. Clenbuterol is not meant to be taken for a continuous stretch of time and one should take it only for six weeks and then stop it. It may be restarted after a break of two weeks. Beginners should take it only for two weeks and then discontinue it and then use again.

Side effects: If low doses are taken and for a short period, then there might not be too many side effects. But its misuse can cause many harmful effects. Some of the general side effects are muscle cramps, dry mouth, headache, depression, perspiration, palpitation and even insomnia and cardiovascular complications.

Buying Clen: You may buy it online but ensure you are buying it from an authorised seller who is selling you the original product. The tablets are easy to use as you will be able to know the right dose but with liquid, you may end up taking more. Always buy Clen from European manufacturers as those products will be genuine.

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