Art of Negotiation for Used Cars

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Purchasing a used car can be a real test of wits between buyer and seller. The seller will quote an asking price that is higher than the actual valuation of the car. He would even be able to justify why he is asking for more. Similarly, a buyer would ask for a lower price to purchase used Hyundai Santro Xing in Bangalore. Even the seller would be able to justify why the price should be less. In such a case, the one who has better negotiation skills and convincing power wins the argument and gets his way.

Here are a few tips that a buyer can use to negotiate like a pro with the seller.

Use Right Body Language

Any negotiator will tell you that how you present matters more than what you present. Your body language has more impact on the negotiation than you can imagine. Broad shoulders and open arms stance gives a very positive and strong feeling to the seller. It makes you look confident and full of conviction.

Never Lose Eye Contact

Maintaining a steady eye contact with the seller is very important. They say in business deals that eye contact can get you through half of it. Looking straight into the eyes of the seller will help you make your point clear. Constantly averting your eyes can make the seller feel a bit sceptical about you as a buyer and may get him to rethink his decision.

Use Compassionate Tone

Using a confident stance does not mean appearing harsh and elusive. You have to be compassionate towards the seller because that car could have his memories attached to it. So use a softer tone and verbalize your arguments in a subtle manner. Do not get aggressive over any negotiation point.


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