Diving on a Budget Aboard

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Ever wanted to go scuba diving aboard, but were afraid of the cost that comes with the experience? There are many places that you can visit that have wonderful dive sites that are budget friendly. Plus, many of these places have a very low cost of living. Here we will explore a couple of inexpensive travel destinations that give brilliant dive experiences with memories to last for a long time.


Mexico is sometimes overlooked for diving as many tourist associate the Mexican beaches that are in Cancun and Acapulco as resort beaches without real diving. This can be true if you fall for the typical tourist traps that are advertised in the hotel or resort. But many times with a short drive, bus ride or taxi you can get to impeccable areas that are absolutely spectacular for diving. Taking Cancun for an example, Playa del Carmen is only an hour and a half away from the Cancun airport. Although Cancun can be fun for its nightlife scene and crazy parties, it is hard to find the spectacular dive sites that Playa del Carmen can offer. Buses run every thirty minutes from the airport to Playa del Carmen and tickets are inexpensive. Once in Playa del Carmen, a short ferry ride will take you to Cozumel. Make sure to look for local dive shops that are not affiliated with the large hotels and resorts. This will give you the opportunity to have them take you out to specific dive sites that are not visited so often by tourists. A two tank dive here can cost you less than fifty US dollars. If you are in a bigger group, think about chartering a boat for the entire day and go even further than near dive spots to see wonderful sea life. You will need to have a sense of an adventure for these kind of trips without thinking about if did the boat captain remembered to change the rotary shaft seal on the motor. Granted, safety at some of these dive shops may not look like high priority, but locals know the ocean best and can bring you back safely.


Belize is known to have one of the best reefs for diving. Many tourists go to Belize just to dive its reefs. Plus, Belize is another country with a low cost of living. Hotels and hostels are very budget friendly and the cost of food and drinks are low as well. Just make sure not to drink too much the night before diving, as alcohol in your system while diving can cause serious adverse effects. If planning a long trip, consider flying into Cancun from the United States and then busing it to Belize. It’s a ten to twelve hour drive, but the bus tickets are inexpensive. Once in Belize, you can expect single tanks dives to cost forty to fifty US dollars. Again, think local and not hotel or resort advertised dive shops.

So get your gear ready, or not if you prefer renting, and a waterproof camera to take breath-taking pictures that will make all your friends jealous. Diving aboard is fun, but does not need to be expensive.


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