Insurance for Your Asian Destination Wedding

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A destination wedding is a great idea, especially if you want to turn your wedding into a holiday and a honeymoon. A destination wedding is, as the name implies, a wedding that features a specific destination. Typically, these are exotic locations that the couple has always enjoyed visiting or would like to visit for the first time. Many people choose vineyards for their destination weddings because most vineyards typically feature great weather and great scenery. Due to the fact that growing flavourful grapes requires consistent weather and not too much rain, you can trust that a vineyard wedding will not experience a downpour. There are many other locations that make for great destination weddings, though. If you are having your wedding indoors, many people like to go to snowy locations.

A snowy location for your wedding gives you and your guests the chance to go skiing, snowboarding, and any other winter activity you can think of. You can also simply sit in a hot tub and avoid the snow altogether. There are many different places that you might consider for your destination wedding. What’s most important is that you choose a travel insurance package to keep you covered during your trip. There are many different options for insurance, and it can be difficult to decide on what’s best for you. Here are some things you should look for.

Wedding Specific Insurance

You should look for travel insurance that is designed specifically for weddings. They come with many different rates and coverage options. You should look for a reliable insurance provider who has a history of providing great services at great prices. Now Travel Insurance advertises coverage starting at £4.91 for simple plans. These plans are quick and easy to apply for; they’re most appropriate for simple holidays and they do not include specific types of coverage. These policies are best served for a typical holiday, such as a vacation at the beach or a trip through wine country. However, if you need wedding travel insurance, you need to conduct your research on wedding-specific travel insurance packages. That is not to say that a standard, low-cost coverage plan won’t cover you in most situations; a standard plan is simply not equipped to handle all of the unique expenses involved with a wedding.

Since a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it also features many one-time use items. A wedding dress is the most obvious example of an item that is only used once. Wedding dresses are also very expensive. If a wedding dress is damaged, repairing it is very expensive as well.  Wedding-specific insurance will be required to pay for the repairs to a wedding dress in the event of an accident. Also, if it sustains damage while on route to the wedding or after you reach the final destination, you’ll need to put a rush order on the repairs. Rushing the repairs will be even more expensive; that’s why wedding insurance is important.

Furthermore, you need to clean and store your wedding dress after the event, so that you can keep it for decades to come. The industries surrounding weddings have grown to become very sophisticated; after a wedding, a bride normally has the dress professionally cleaned and then professionally stored. If done properly, the dress will remain “like new” for decades. That is expensive to do, especially if you are having it done in a foreign country while you’re on honeymoon.

Extra Items

Weddings tend to showcase a high concentration of wealth in a way that a normal holiday or party does not. If your guests bring gifts to the reception, there will be hundreds or thousands of pounds worth of items at the wedding. If those are lost or stolen, only insurance can help you recoup the losses. You have to buy insurance that will specifically cover that amount of wealth, though. The amount of money involved only grows when you consider the rings, the photos, videos, and all of the decorations. A wedding can be a very expensive undertaking; insurance is the best way to keep yourself safe while you’re at your destination. Once you have chosen your destination and chosen your wedding insurance, you should also consider other types of insurance that you might want to add onto your plan.

Other Insurance

You can typically add other types of insurance to your wedding insurance package if you think you might need them. For example, if you decide to go to Hebei in China for your destination wedding, you might also want to buy dedicated insurance for winter sports.

Hebei has grown into a hub of skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. It is one of the newer skiing destinations in the region, having been developed in China during the past decade. Just as a wedding has specific expenses, a winter sports holiday also features a unique set of expenses. Winter sports coverage should cover you as well as your gear. There are small problems that could arise with your equipment, such as broken bindings, lost ski poles, and missing gloves. Insurance will help you cover those expenses, which is essential if you don’t have money in your budget to cover all of the different expenses that might pop up.

Winter sports coverage can also cover your actual body. If you are injured while skiing in China, you’ll need to go to a doctor or a hospital in a foreign country. That can prove to be extremely expensive if you do not have insurance. In a foreign land, you will not be covered by any type of insurance policy that covers you at home. Therefore, you will need extra insurance to help you cover these potential expenses.


For those who are planning to go to a warmer place, golfing insurance might be a necessity. An injury while golfing is much less likely than an injury while skiing, but you still might need insurance to cover your equipment expenses. There are different kinds of equipment that you might misplace while flying, or you might simply forget something important and have to buy it when you land. Buying new clubs, tees, or balls at the pro shop can quickly become wildly expensive.

Purchasing insurance for your wedding will give you peace of mind. Your special day can be free from economic stress and your honeymoon will be everything you want it to be.


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