Opt to Clenbuterol and burn fat quickly

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For possessing an attractive and appealing body, bodybuilders need to invest their precious time and energy into rigorous workouts and training sessions. If this hardship gets combined with an effective supplement, results obtained would be heavenly. Though clenbuterol is not a pure steroid, it is renowned for giving the best results in arena of framing a lean muscular frame. It is available in tablets, liquid drops, powders and sprays and it dosage depends upon the adaptability of body towards the medication. With the increase in dosage, the body gets adjusted to its fat burning effects. The quantum of maximum dosage can be determined on the basis of implementation of the cycle. It does not encourage gender discrimination and serves beneficial for both men and women. Whether one takes this tremendous drug for the first time or has consumed it several times, the recommended dosage will be same.

Optimum Dosage

For securing overwhelming weight loss results, it is advised that men should take 40 MCG/day and women 20 MCG/ day. These are the mild yet effective dosage and will never prove hazardous for the body. The question arises regarding what is the schedule of doses to take? The prescribed schedule would be considered as an optimum one, however it is vital to hike up the doses during the first week and then stabilise them from the following week. Adapting to this dosage schedule will help in minimising the side effects associated and improving fat loss results. Taking clenbuterol pills at the start of your day will boost up your metabolism and energy and is considered as the best time. As insulin levels In the body counteracts with it, taking it on an empty stomach will also serve beneficial. If one wishes to use it as weight loss drug, taking it before eating anything will do wonders, as it will suppress appetite and one can easily contribute towards a strict diet. Taking this drug before 30 minutes of working out is considered as the most optimum manner, however taking it in the afternoon and early evening can lead to drastic results.

Working of clenbuterol

Since its inception, clen was used as a remedy for asthma, increases basal metabolic rate and enhances development of fat free lean mass. It must be born in mind that clenbuterol is to be used with adequate diet and exercise, should not be taken simultaneously  four days, initial dosage must vary between 10-20 mcg/ day. Without feeling anxious about getting a masculine appeal, women can benefit themselves from this spectacular supplement.


Schedule of doses to take is flexible and varies as per the body of an individual. It is a function of the clenbuterol cycle, one is adopting for. The most effective clen cycle is taking it two days on and two days off or two weeks on and two weeks off. It acts as the most effective measure to get rid of those embarrassing fat layers and aids in developing a ripped and enduring physique.

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