Preparing Your Pontoon Boat for the Winter Months

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You should think of your pontoon boat as an investment. As with any other investment you should want to make sure you do everything within your power to take care of it. There is an abundance of information you can surf through on the internet to tell you how you can manage Winterizing your pontoon yourself. Before you spend too much of your time thinking about taking on the winter preparation of your pontoon here is some important information for you to consider.

A Tank of Gas

When you are preparing to winterize your pontoon, the first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are not storing a full tank of gas. Doing so could damage your engine. A stabilizer should be added to any fuel remaining in the boat’s engine. Without a fuel stabilizer, your boat’s engine will absorb the condensation which will occur with the changing temperatures, causing your engine to become vulnerable to moisture.

As the temperature drops ethanol separates from gas leaving a fluid which consists of water and ethanol. Ethanol as it stands alone is corrosive and can destroy an engine, but the combination of water and ethanol is far more destructive. This corrosive mixture forms a substance resembling white sludge, and its particles can eat away at the plastic, rubber and metal elements of your boat’s fuel system. This substance can also demolish aluminum tanks and tear away the anodizing sides of the tank.

Quality or Nothing at All

In addition to the corrosive liquid formation which occurs with colder temperatures, you have to remember, as gasoline sits, it oxidizes and decomposes leaving gooey particles that will take on the smell of varnish and harden over time. You need to be sure that you choose a quality fuel stabilizer to help protect your boat during your boat’s winter lay-up. Anti-corrosive additives are added to most fuel stabilizers to help prevent the freezing of electric fuel pumps, and lessen the occurrence of rust of steel parts. It should be noted that stabilizers are aides which help protect the elements of your pontoon. There is no guarantee that they will eliminate corrosion all together.

Don’t Store Without Doing the Following

The process of Winterizing your pontoon is not as cut and dry as some folks may have you to believe. You should make sure to flush out your boats cooling systems and remove the boat’s batteries. If are you are someone who is mechanically inclined, and has a fair amount of knowledge in regards to how engines work, then you should have no problems at all when it comes to winterizing you boat. If, however you are unsure about anything which pertains to how you should protect your boat during the winter months, you should take your boat in for servicing.

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