Shopping Tips on How to Buy Jewelry Cheaper

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Jewelry is often the perfect gift for a partner or a close friend celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday or a wedding. The offer is almost limitless when it comes to designs and style on top of always making a great impression. Whether it is necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings, it is always a pleasure to receive such a thoughtful gift. Jewelry is something personal that rarely leaves the individual you give it to.

Second Hand Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is nowadays very fashionable. Jewelry that has been worn by another person immediately lowers its price in opposition to the sentimental value that it may represent to family members. Usually found in auctions, the starting price is very low. There are of course additional costs that may apply like a resizing in case it is a ring or changing the design. But if you compare to the same piece of jewelry from a jewelry store, the difference is huge. Another place you can find these ancient treasures are in small shops that buy gold. In times of crisis, the price of gold does vary therefore it is up to you to have a good timing.

Stop Labelling the Jewelry

The wedding industry in the United States of America keeps growing every year. As a consequence jewelry associated with wedding are overpriced because of the high demand. Wedding bands in particular can be very expensive just because they are labelled as wedding material. If you research online simple rings in any shades of gold, you will find websites that offer prices incredibly lower than what you can find in shops.

Choose Your Stones

Precious, semi-precious, diamonds, sapphires, ruby and many more are on the market. Before you go and buy, do some research of the value of each of the stones. Stones can be chosen for their color or their meaning. If you are just looking for something pretty, shiny, diamonds are not the only option. Cubic zirconia is also shiny and white and is way less expensive than diamonds. The synthesized material is hard and usually colorless although it can be made in various colors. Cubic zirconia has many advantages. Indeed, because of its low cost, great durability but mostly its similar appearance to diamonds, it is today the first competitor of the diamond industry since the beginning of its production in 1976.

It is important when you are on a budget to bear in mind that there are other types of stone than the big, most expensive ones. Quartz for instance has very feminine colors, whether it is purplish with amethysts or pink with rose quartz. Did you know that once amethyst was one of the most expensive gemstones?  It is however very affordable today. There are very highly productive mines of amethyst all over the world and especially in Brazil. Quartz is a very abundant mineral in the crust of Earth.

Rose quartz has also a deeper meaning as it is associated with everything dealing with the heart. Behind rose quartz lies legends and myths that will conquer any romantic’s heart.

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