The best dosage cycle for first time users!

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Use of steroidal products by professional weight lifters and athletes as well as the public forum has become very popular nowadays due to the advancement of medical science. Different manufacturing companies are coming up with new technologically advanced dietary supplementation products to help and inspire people who are suffering from acute cases of obesity. The world of sports is highly competitive and every individual athlete or body builder is striving to make their position intact, by keeping their body in shape and maintaining perfection. That is why, any sports person can go to any possible extent for winning the game even if the process includes undergoing hormonal supplementation programs.

How can beginners regulate steroid doses effectively?

Any first time user is curious about the ways of building up a muscular body and simultaneously being in a perfectly shaped body. Many prominent celebrities belonging to different fields of acting, sports, music and others have been noticed using muscle building supplements legally as well as illegally. It has become almost impossible for them to keep their body in shape without taking steroids daily, weekly or monthly. Some of the famous personalities caught while using steroidal products includes Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Lance Armstrong, Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee, Hugh Jackman, Lebron James, Barry Bonds, Jay Cutler, Derek Jeter, Hulk Hogan and Michael Clarke Duncan.

It is very important that while you are undergoing any kind of hormonal or dietary supplementation program, you regulate the dosage cycle and exposure time of the medication. There are certain rules that are followed in some countries about the regulation of such steroidal products. Therefore, the selling and purchasing procedures should be critically ensured if you want to save yourself from legal allegations and even undesired effects of the product.

The body building procedure is considered by the idea of ‘Larger is Better’, which means that every athlete has to outsize the other one in terms of increased muscular unit and a toned body. If you are a first time consumer looking for body building medication, go for mild acting products like Anavar and low dosage of testosterone. Continue this for a minimum period of 4 to 6 weeks in the beginning, with intervals of two weeks in between.

What are the adequate choices of steroids for beginners?

Taking into account the mild and strong actions of modern marketed dietary supplementary medications, a list of top 10 most popularly used products can be made as given below:

  1. Winstrol
  2. Anadrol
  3. Dianabol
  4. DecaDurabolin
  5. Oxandrin
  6. Testesterone
  7. Trenbolone
  8. Anavar
  9. Stanozolol
  10. Equipoise

In the beginning cycles, there is a continuous process of trial and error involved when the anabolic increase of your muscle is concerned. The range of tolerance in adults differ as every individual has a different genetic constitution and history associated with any previous medical allergy. It is recommended that you stick to a particular dosage pattern under the supervision of your dietician. Since it is difficult to build up your body without taking steroids, it is advised that you experience the beneficial aspect of the product more than the unwanted adversities.

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