`The matter of legality for Anadrol

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Body building is one of the most interesting traits for a healthy and fit life. Fit body gives a sense of being correct in terms of weight, fat levels and cholesterols. Excess of any of these may make one lazy enough to discard even the daily work. One needs to be fit for the purpose of health rather than the considerations of looks. Some folks are so obsessive with the body that they tend to go beyond their capabilities and try out thing to the extent of surrendering their health. This is not at all recommendable. When one decides to increase fitness then there is lot of sources for finding out the right path that can trigger our body to be in shape. Such things can be done that too under the supervision of a physician.

Steroids do help in making an individual achieve his goals with proper endurance and possible patience. Super anadrol is one such steroid that helps in building appropriate muscles. The drug is commonly called as anadrol 50 because it comes in 50 mg dose.

Composition of Super anadrol: A complete knowhow

The chemical formula is C21H32O3. The chemical name of the drug is 17 beta -hydroxy-2-(hydroxymethylene)-17-methyl-5alpha-androstan-3-one. Oxymetholone is the main ingredient of anadrol 50. The inactive elements anadrol 50 are lactose, magnesium sterate, povidone and starch. Super Anadrol Evolve from South Africa. It is a laboratory made hormone. I.e. it is synthetic with both anabolic and androgenic effects.

Purpose: – Apart from body building, fat burning and muscle toning, this drug also has several other medical purposes

Dosage: – The anadrol in the form of tablets. The dosage depends upon the purpose of its use. For the treatment of anemia, 1 to 5 mg per kilogram per day can show positive results. For athletes and body builders, the dosage can be 25 mg to 125 mg per day. These are generalized for of the doses to be taken. However in reality the dosages have to be individualized.  The results are seen a bit later not very fast. Anyone who takes anadrol must drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Side effects: – Acne and oily skin and changes in skin texture are seen most commonly. Facial hair starts growing in women. In males huge hair loss occurs resulting in baldness. On medical prescription, if one over takes the drug then it can lead to excess production of red blood cells. This results in blockage of blood and there are chances of blood getting clotted. Heart arrest can also be the result of excessive use.

Any drug must be investigated before they are used. One must definitely do lot of homework in order to get know of the drug that he puts into the body. Ultimately it is you who will be suffering so rather go for deep study and then decide. Anadrol is scam which has negative consequences too. But at the same time there are brands of anadrol which are safe and legal.


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