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While most people think of plentiful oil and fancy sheiks when they think of Dubai, in reality, there are multiple famous tourist attractions that everyone should check out when visiting this fancy city. Dubai is one of the most advanced cities on Earth and is known for its amazing architecture and fancy buildings. Many people overlook Dubai because of its location; however, visiting these stops will quickly dispel any of those notions. For some of the most popular sights in Dubai, read below!

First up, the Wild Wadi Water Park is the perfect destination in Dubai, just don’t forget to pack a bathing suit. While Dubai is an impressive city, it is also one of the hottest destinations on the planet. Therefore, the daytime hours should be filled with plenty of fun at the water park. Similar to the rest of Dubai, this complex is a behemoth. It is filled with more water slides and aquatic rides than anyone could ever fit into a single visit. For anyone looking to cool off during the hot Dubai day, visit the Wild Wadi Water Park for an enjoyable way to cool off. This is a popular family destination.

Next, why not continue to action while enjoying some fancy architecture at the Burj Al Arab? This building has a unique curved architecture with a beautiful spire on top that overlooks the water. Somehow, this complex has also fit a tennis complex around the building. With a perfect mix of sports and scenery, it’s no wonder so many people come to check out this building. For anyone from honeymooners to families and businessmen, the Burj Al Arab is a popular stop for anyone. This impressive structure should not be missed on any trip to Dubai.

When night falls, swing by the Dubai Marina to see some of the most beautiful lights in the city. With the active downtown in the background and beautiful lights reflecting off of the water in the harbor, this offers some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth. Filled with some delicious local cuisine, swanky parties on fancy boats, and some bustling nightlife, this area is popular for the wealthy businessmen and young professionals alike. For those with energy after spending all day enjoying the sights and remaining active, the Dubai Marina is the perfect stop for some nighttime fun.

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