What are the laws to buy steroids in South Africa?

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It is easy to get information on the steroid usage in South Africa. Before you go out of your country to buy steroids, you must know all the rules and regulations. This is same even if it is easy to get drugs in any part of the world or not. Steroid use is legal when you have a prescription in most countries. However, you could get in trouble in South Africa if you are not careful.

Steroid Laws in South Africa

There could be wrong information on how to buy anabolic steroids in South Africa. Many websites say that steroids are illegal by law, but the authorities don’t pay attention to steroid manufacture or use. Some websites say that you can buy them in cash if you have sources or suppliers to buy steroids.

Well, it is relatively easy to get steroids in South Africa and the pharmacies are okay to give you the products under counter. However, this is not easy on all occasions and if you are caught importing, exporting or selling these in minimal amounts, you can be trouble in South Africa.

Risks to get caught

It is important to take out time and research about the steroids in South Africa. In 2014, the EWN News Agency reported as arrest of steroid produces in Pretoria, close to Johannesburg. They had discovered almost R$20 million (Rand) of steroids in a house.

As there is an increased prevalence of steroids and its use, the manufacturing and selling companies any much in danger. The organization of ‘Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation’ (Hawks) focuses on catching hold of ‘corrupted sellers’. The residents of South Africa like USA, Canada and Australia are prevalent users of steroids all across the globe. As per reports from the Taylor Hooton Foundation, the South African government would take drastic steps to stop steroid use in schools. South African Institute for Drug Free Sports test people who are in sports in hundreds of school through South Africa, to make sure the participants are drug free.

Sports and Steroid use in South Africa

Since there is more attention of the prevalent availability, the use of steroids in sports stands against the civil laws and regulations. It is one of the focused aspects for these institutions. People who have been found guilty of steroid use in sports organization of South Africa are:

  1. Alfonso Adonis – weightlifter who was suspended for 4 months for using methylhexaneamine.
  2. Daniel Ross Harlin – powerlifter who got a 2 year suspension for using Nandrolone.
  3. Enzo Lezzi – a cyclist who got a 15 month suspension after using Deca Durabolin.
  4. Jared Lovett– he was a boxer and got 16 year suspension for using Boldenone

People who are related to sports should be aware of their steroid usages. If you buy anabolic steroids in South Africa and you are a sportsman, you can lose your career and get into legal troubles for a long span of time.

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