What to Expect in Technology by 2020

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Although we can’t totally predict what can happen in the future, by looking at how far technology has evolved in the past decade, it has become a little feasible to foretell what might happen in 2020. So are you ready to find out what the future holds for us? Here are some of our predictions.

1. Crash-proof Cars
Too good to be true? Well, this is one of the things that you should look forward to in 2020, because Volvo made a recent announcement regarding this. Wherein, a few years from now, they’re going to release an automobile that’s safe for everyone– thanks to sonar, radar, and driver alert systems that would be developed even more.

2. PC with the Ability and Liking of the Human Brain
In 2020, the PC would probably have the power of the human brain– it’s what Ray Kurzweil, a programmer, recently revealed in one of his interviews. Accelerating Returns would lead in a promising amount of computing power that has never been seen before.

3. Screens Would be Ultra-thin OLEDS
No doubt, display tech is moving rapidly– it continues to evolve every year. Although, there would probably be some “antique” LCD monitor screens in 2020, there’s also a huge possibility that the entire industry would begin using paper-thin OLED that has touch capability features.

That’s something to look forward to, especially for multi-media lovers. For now, we have to settle on the monitors being reviewed at Enplug. Although none of them are OLEDS they’re surely some of the best in the market.

4. There Will Be Web 3.0
What will it be like? Are we already enjoying it? Honestly, this one is a little difficult to determine, especially if we’ll try to assess where we are in terms of scientific improvement. However, if we’re going to base it on the innovations that have happened in the past– hyperlinks (Web 1.0) and social, person-to-person sharing of links (2.0), we can say that web 3.0 would probably be a sequence of both. Likewise, it would also use personalized algorithm– something online businesses can take advantage of; as long as they know how to utilize this properly.

5. Laser Pens That Can Seal Wounds
This is perfect for hikers who are prone to getting injured during their hikes. Think about it, what are you going to do if you accidentally get a big cut on your knee, with the blood gushing uncontrollably? This is where laser pens become handy. Based on rumors, a few years from now, there’s a possibility that a portable laser pen, capable of sealing wounds would be created.

6. Near Perfect Insulation
In the western world, there are two things people can’t live without– refrigerator and cellular phones. Well, by the year 2020, there would probably be a near perfect insulation that can be enjoyed on the go.

Thanks to aerogels, as it could revolutionize the manufacture of both. Basically, it’s a material filled with tiny holes that can’t transport heat– making it the perfect insulating property. Likewise, the unusual electrical properties present in aerogels have made it an ideal element in creating lightweight antennae for satellites, mobile phones, and even aircraft. How awesome does it sound?

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