Why E-Cigarettes?

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Cigarette smoking is considered to be the leading cause of death around the world. The tar which is released while inhaling tobacco is quite harmful to the human body. Thus e-cigarettes are introduced and are specially designed to encourage smoking in an advanced form by producing a flavored aerosol that looks like the smoke of tobacco with less toxic chemicals. The biggest damage is done by the smoke from the tobacco. Looking at e-cigarettes; they don’t burn. Research has shown that the chemicals present in e-cigarettes are a fraction of what you have in real cigarettes. Moreover, if you are willing to quit smoking e-cigarette is the best option, because you can control the dosage of the amount of nicotine in the cigarette. Most of the e-cigarette consists of a cartridge where the liquid solution is kept, a heating device for vaporization and a power source which is usually a battery.

Various form of application

So when you are opting for an e-cigarette you must know which nicotine strength is suited for you. The protocol allows for a maximum dose of 1.8 milligrams of eliquid. For someone who is new or willing to quit smoking it is recommended that the user adds zero percent of nicotine in the tank. 3 milligrams is applicable for light smokers or who wants to drip. A smoker who take 10 cigarettes a day they can opt for 6 milligrams to 12 milligrams in their e-cigarette. For chain smokers or smokers who take 15 to 20 cigarettes a day, it is suggested that they start taking e-cigarette to reduce the addiction. They must take 18 milligrams and go down gradually. A powerful note to be added is; eliquid contains the only toxic substance that is the nicotine. Nicotine is a poison in its purest form. So it is better that you aim to use the lowest possible dosage. The characteristic of controlling the nicotine has made e-cigarette legal under the Tobacco Products Directive legislation.

Safety precautions to be added

The e-cigarette is not similar to the kind of traditional paper cigarette and thus it requires special safety and storage rules. The eliquid that are available in the bottles must be kept in a cool dark place and away from children. It is better if you keep it in the supplied child-proof bottles. Wash your hand thoroughly if the eliquid comes to contact with your skin. Do not spill the soluble when you are filling in the cartridges. Do not ever try to swallow or ingest the liquid. If you anyhow feel uncomfortable after inhaling eliquid, you should seek medical help immediately. While storing the liquid let your flavor become steep. Steeping the liquid improves the flavor by allowing it to blend at a molecular level. If you see the liquid has turned dark, it means that it is steeped. In terms to charging, always use the correct charger and follow the rules of the manufacturer. Never charge a battery that has been damaged, dropped or subjected to any impact. Do not overcharge or overheat the device.

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