You Can Transform Your Life Today Through the Power of Spirit

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The world faces many challenges today. We are dealing with war in many parts of the world, terrorist threats from rogue nations, poverty and homelessness on our streets, and drug abuse. To many, it would seem as though corruption has taken hold of so many of our most cherished institutions but the power of change is within all of us. We have a spiritual responsibility to enable this change and to spread change throughout the world so that peace rather than chaos reigns.

Truly Challenging Times

The sobering truth is that we face many challenges. The face of evil is ever-changing and we must be ever-vigilant in order to recognise it in all of its disguises. Some days seem bleak and dark but it has always been so. Indeed, the darkness is deepest just before the dawn and just before light enters our lives. It is this light that we must seek through the power of personal transformation through spiritual awakening through Christ.

Making Permanent Change in Your Life

How often have you looked at yourself in the mirror and wanted to be someone different? How often have you been led astray by these thoughts and found yourself in a personal spiral of envy and self-deprecation? The truth is that when we loathe ourselves, we are also loathing the spirit within us. We must recognise in no uncertain terms that this spirit within us shines brightly, even through the deepest darkness, and has the power to change our lives for the better and for the greater good of this world and everyone in it.

Your personal spiritual journey begins with an awakening that Christ is within all of us and speaks to us. In times where your life may seem chaotic, when you feel vulnerable, and when life takes on a grim pallor, God is there to protect you, guide you, and communicate to you that there is a greater power. Recognising this is also to realise that one’s life has meaning and that there is a path that everyone follows.

Undergoing this personal spiritual awakening brings order to chaos and introduces light into a person’s life. It allows you to connect with others, discover community spirit, and be a part of something much greater than yourself. Such a transformation has not only the power to change a person’s life permanently but also to change the world.

The good news is that everyone has access to this inner power and everyone can be guided by His word. In the struggle to empower people to discover their own power to change through the freedom in Christ, places such as Believers Love World offer a wide range of multimedia material including DVDs, books, music, and transformative audio.

You Can Change Today!

Make no mistake, the power to change your life is within you right now! Making the decision to seek the light is a matter of changing one’s perspective and discovering Christ’s message and the freedom that He can introduce to anyone’s life.

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